Man removes a calcified lump of weed from his nose after 18 years

Sometimes, when the situation calls for it, people need to hide their weed stashes in the most unusual places. 

But a 48-year-old man might have just taken the cake with the most committed hiding spot ever. After a whopping 18 years, he removed a calcified lump of weed from his nose. 


The unnamed man shoved a balloon full of weed up his nose after his girlfriend delivered it to him during a prison visit. He might have hidden it too well though, because the parcel remained in his nasal cavity for 18 years.

After his girlfriend gave him the weed, the man needed to hide it up his nose and out of sight of the prison security. However, when he tried to retrieve the contraband with his fingers, he ended up pushing it further into his nasal cavity, where it then became so deeply lodged that he could not retrieve it.

The unidentified prisoner thought that sooner or later, the balloon would eventually travel towards his mouth and be swallowed, but instead, it ended up forming a calcified lesion that grew up to 19mm.

To avoid punishment, the prisoner didn’t seek medical attention, and it ended up taking a mountainous 18 years for him to seek professional help and get it removed. 

“On follow-up and specific questioning, the patient was able to recall an incident that occurred 18 years prior, while he was incarcerated,” the British Medical Journal report states. “He remained unaware of the package’s presence until presented with the unusual histopathology report.”

After complaining of ongoing headaches and recurring sinus infections, the man received a CT scan, and that is where they found the weed. Thankfully, a surgeon was able to remove the stash of pot using a fibre-optic camera in his nostril.

Whether or not he got to keep the nug wasn’t reported, but we reckon this one (sadly) went straight to the bin.