Man spends two years ejaculating from his bum before getting help

For the last two years, a man has been ejaculating from his anus, but it wasn’t until testicle pain that he decided to seek help.

The 33-year-old man sought medical advice after experiencing pain in his testicles for five days.

Luckily for us, the team of doctors who treated him have documented it as “a curious case of rectal ejaculation” for the world to see.

Man anal ejaculation problem
Image: Cureus

“A 33-year-old male with a history of illicit drug use presented with five days of testicular pain and a substantial amount of sperm passage from his rectum with ejaculation for the past two years,” said the report.

“Computed tomography and voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) of the pelvis revealed evidence of a rectal-prostate fistula.”

The testicular pain was the latest in a long line of problems for the man’s sacred region.

Along with the anal ejaculation, he passed gas in his urine, urinated fecal matter, and passed a “substantial amount” of urine from his rectum.

Essentially, liquids, solids, and gasses were not coming out of the exit they usually would, but sure, wait for a pain in your testicles before getting help.

Labs showed signs of a urinary tract infection, while a CT scan showed a “gas-filled structure” on his rectal wall.

Further tests confirmed the presence of a fistula (an abnormal passageway) between the urethra and rectum, which is how the various fluids and solids exited their regular freeways into the side streets.

Now that’s a Google Maps screw-up if I’ve ever seen one.

The team repaired the fistula through surgery and searched for possible causes of the problem, ruling out tuberculosis, inflammatory bowel disease, rectal trauma, and penetration.

However, they did find that two years prior, around the onset of symptoms, the man had been in a three-week coma following cocaine and phencyclidine (PCP) intoxication.

During his hospital stay, he was fitted with a Foley catheter, during which the injury was likely caused.

The story had a happy ending, with the team reporting that “repeat VCUG revealed resolution of the fistula and the patient recovered with only mildly reduced antegrade ejaculatory volume over several months“.


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