ManaLion run us through each track of their new album Nothing II Lose

ManaLion’s music isn’t quite like anything else currently making the rounds. It’s a strange concoction of various genres that we guarantee you’ll quickly get hooked on. Their most recent full-length album Nothing II Lose is a prime example of this.

So fresh off the album’s release, Duan (aka Duan & Only) runs us through each of the album’s eleven tracks. Take it away Duan…

ManaLion’s latest album Nothing II Lose is a cosmic voyage of sound. So we caught up with band member Duan for a complete track-by-track run-down.

Apple Tree

Temptation, lust and sexual desire.


Breaking away from disingenuous relationships and social pressures. Learning to embrace one’s individualism. 


A catchy yet melancholy song about trying to save a long term relationship that is slowly falling apart.

Wizard & the Witch

The hook refers to the night we shot the Dirty Roots video where my girlfriend at the time and I had a psychedelic experience. We lay underneath a tree and I felt as though we were in the lush alien world of Pandora. She spoke in her native tongue (Québécois) as a cool breeze blew over us and everything seemed to be in slow motion. The verses are flashbacks of a dream where I was dancing with aliens (the shiny people).

Hanvey HotLap

Encouraging your friends to talk about their problems rather than bottling them up and reassuring them that everything will be ok.

Floating 2’s

Refers to a card game (similar to Gin rummy) taught to me by my Nan and is expressed in the third verse. The opening lyrics refer to my ex wanting to travel the world and live a gypsy life where I was looking for purpose and stability.

Sucker Punch

A departure from the mundane existence of everyday life, to life on the road (I hit the road it seemed to gold flow). Sucker Punch is NOT a reference to violence, but coming to the sudden realisation that touring is draining. The airports, flights, long drives, hours of downtime, excessive partying, lack of sleep and different hotel rooms etc. Realising all you want now is to be at home in your own bed, with bae and back to your everyday life. But, then again, the itch to hit the road creeps in faster than you think!

Video Games

I was performing at a small bar in Manly when a waitress I’d never seen before caught my eye. I can still remember her smile as she walked through the room. I asked her to meet me at the pub after her shift, not knowing if she’d show or not.

Move on You

After hearing so many stories about my ex-girlfriend’s grandfather’s adventures, meeting him was a super special moment for me. He was a small man in stature with a massive personality. He would sit in his rocking chair smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, telling stories and often breaking into song as we sat and listened to his every word. I had no idea what he was saying as he spoke Québécois and yet I seemed to understand most of what he said through his gestures and body language.

Long Way Home

A falling out with a friend who wasn’t willing to compromise or work through a disagreement. 


Vulnerability. Reassuring someone you love that even through all of these difficult life changes everything will be ok.

Listen to Nothing II Lose above.