Mango Machine run us through the creation of their new single Copa

Back in March, when Sydney-based outfit Mango Machine dropped their single Copa, we were immediately on board with their unique fusion of sounds. With elements of dance, latin, funk, and indie-rock, the song is not quite like anything we’ve heard so far.

So, fresh off the track’s release, we asked the band one question: How was it created? Here is their response…

A month removed from the release of their single Copa, we caught up with Mango Machine for a complete run-down of how it came together.

Well, it’s a blur looking back now. Liam, Addison (guitarist), our mate Zac (who’s a photographer), and myself all jumped into Addison’s van and headed up to an Air BnB at Copacabana up in the Central Coast. We had planned to just spend the week recording music and surfing. It was really a creative paradise.

The song started when Liam laid down the conga beat and put it on loop. I remember Addison messing around with a guitar part that was already alluding to the Latin feel that it would eventually turn into. I then distinctively remember when he created the melody because it caught my ear immediately.

I stopped mid-conversation and jumped onto my bass. From there, it was as if the song wrote itself. It felt as if we all entered this trance-like state when we found the groove for that track. It was truly something magical.

I remember looking at Liam and saying “we have to arrange this track tonight.” We ended up completing a rough arrangement of the track before overdubbing acoustic guitar and the solo the following day.

It was one of those ideas that kinda just flowed out. It felt like we captured the vibe of the house.

Copa is available now. Listen above.