Young virtuoso guitarist, Marcin, shreds Led Zeppelin and guitar legends love it

Marcin has melted the faces of the elite guitar community with his rendition of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin in a beautifully reverberant underground car park.

Guitar legends of Rage Against The Machine, Kiss, and Living Colour have bought extra attention to this 20-year young guitarist by the name of Marcin by sharing his incredible performance online.

In this short video, which you MUST watch, is Marcin making his way through a jaw-dropping performance that includes tapping, slapping, guitar percussion, all with amazing dexterity. This video stands out due to the undeniable performance where one might say he is performing both Jimmy Page’s and John Bonham’s parts of Led Zeppelin‘s Kashmir at once!


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Tom Morello said: “Some people are just really talented. #HogawartsAxeslinger?”

While Vernon Reid said: “Jimmy Page ain’t seen THAT coming! Got DAYUM.”

And Paul Stanley really didn’t know what to say except “Wow”.

This is not the first time Marcin has taken a classic and reimagined it. Back in 2017, he posted a film clip of himself in a huge warehouse performing Metallica‘s Master of Puppets and on his Spotify account, he has a version of Moonlight Sonata and also a version of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with hundreds of thousands of streams.

Marcin, of Polish descent, won the Polish Talent Show Must Be The Music 2015 and was also a semi-finalist in the 2019 America’s Got Talent. 

Again, watch the video, and better yet, wear headphones for the epic car park reverberation.