Marijuana vending machines are now a thing in Colorado and where do we sign the petition to get them to Australia?

Marijuana vending machines are now available in Colorado, allowing for contactless purchasing during COVID-19 pandemic.

Colorado has welcomed the first marijuana vending machines, allowing weed lovers to purchase their favourite products in a quick and easy fashion.

A startup company called Anna has begun deploying the machines in Pueblo, with each one able to hold more than 2,000 weed-based products.

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The new development in the industry fits in with an era of contactless purchasing, allowing knowledgable consumers to grab their favourite cannabis products without seeing a human face. Products available include flowers, edibles, vape oils, infused beverages, and balms; with long lines becoming a thing of the past.

The machines by Anna, who plan to expand within the state, come at a time when COVID-19 restrictions have limited in-shop buying.

However, Colorado is one of the many states that have listed cannabis retailers as essential businesses, allowing for online orders and curbside delivery, with marijuana sales in Colorado setting records in May and June.

With an increased demand for online ordering, Anna CEO Matt Frost saw an opportunity in the market by introducing the contactless system for those who don’t need a real human to talk them through the products they want to buy.

Frost said, “There are experienced cannabis customers who don’t necessarily need that one-on-one interaction with a budtender. They know what they want before they walk in, they’re ready to go in and out.”

He continued, “By doing this we’re giving more time back to the people who do need hand-holding and want that education from a live person. With COVID and social distancing and contactless, definitely we have an appeal there as well.”

The vending machines are located inside Strawberry Fields dispensaries, so consumers can show identification beforehand. Equipped with a touchscreen, users can fill out their virtual basket and pay with cash or debit card.

How long before promises to have marijuana vending machines installed next to coke-bubblers are made in captain speeches?