PREMIERE: GEA unleashes a dark fantasy gem on her single ‘Predefined’

On her latest single, GEA beckons us into the darkness. Rich, haunting, with notes of Kate Bush and Björk woven through, Predefined is a poignant song for the witch in all of us.

This year more than ever, it seems that a lot of us have been compelled to reconnect with our spirituality. It’s pretty amazing how a few months in lockdown can set us free. Whether rooted in religion or not, our relationship with our surroundings has emerged deeply nuanced from these past months, forcing us to perceive the world with much more intricacy. On her latest single, GEA lets us awaken.

Unfurling dark narratives through nocturnal choruses, the art-rock artist has produced a body of work so perfect for our current times. Predefined doesn’t just sing, it commands: melting whichever space it is played into a glistening soundscape. It’s easily her most formidable release to date.

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I have to admit, GEA is an artist who I could listen to all day. Known for her ethereal lyricism and lush sonic stylings, each song released since her 2017 debut has been immaculate. Predefined is certainly no exception.

It’s not so much music as it is dark fairytale performance art. Navigating pertinent topics underneath a veil of haunting electro-acoustic melody, GEA’s songs can centre and heal us in the most chaotic times.

“Predefined is a wakeup call to challenge those of us zombies oblivious to the pain and discontent around us,” the artist’s bio reads. “The song was inspired by a harrowing scene of a man dying on the floor of a fancy restaurant while those dining complained about the noise of the spectacle.”

The song holds an unparalleled power, her ethereal vocals and pulsating beats casting each nuance into a cinematic realm. It’s dark magic unfurled through rich textures, guiding you into a soundscape as enigmatic, as mysterious as a spiritual force.


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Her upcoming album is a testament to this infinite creative vision. Divided between four guiding forces; the snake, the swan, the crow, and the snow bunting, Call For A Snake is a symphony of reconnection, encouraging us to surrender to the universe. Trusting in our intuition and guiding our actions through positive affirmations, GEA has created a body of work that has the potential to tranform.

“My message with this album is that all the wisdom you need is inside of you. The snake is guarding this ancient and intuitive knowledge, and you just need to wake up your inner voice to access it,” GEA explains.

Walking in the footsteps of Kate Bush, Björk, and even Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, GEA is an artist who we needed a long time ago. Unearthing the full potential of creativity, the songwriter has transformed music from a tool of introspection into a living, breathing, energetic being: one that can usher us into the future.

Check out Predefined below: