Callaz's new video is an evocative trip through a distant, dark fairytale

Callaz’s new music video is an evocative trip through a distant, dark fairytale

The work of Callaz is as ethereal as it is haunting, she creates sprawling sonic universes of dancing darkness and eerie fairytales through her soaring vocals layered upon pulsating synth-driven melodies.

Breakup Funk, the second single off her sophomore EP Gaslight, is a spacious and seductive slow dive into a distant universe, one that is perfectly reflected in the stunning music video.

Callaz transports you to a distant dark fairytale in her music video for Breakup Funk, a rich audiovisual experience that perfectly encapsulates metamorphosis through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Maria Soromenho, aka Callaz, has self-released her debut EP Beer, Dog Shit and Chanel N°in 2017, exploring a seemingly sunny terrain where contrasting peaks of anxiety, gloomy memories, and stormy sensations shone through. Wasting no time to follow up with a sophomore EP, she released Gaslight last year, confirming the ambitions of her debut EP, and exhibiting vast and swift growth.

The second single of the EP, Breakup Funk, is a haunting synth-laden hymn that’s saturated with echoes of poignant melancholy, it’s equally as unpredictable as it is all-encompassing. Her vocals soar and glide through a chilling soundscape that shimmers with otherworldly beauty.

Callaz has a unique aesthetic focus and DIY work process that’s inspired by her visual artist and design roots, and her background in fashion, something that shines through in the music video for Breakup Funk. It’s a work of art that perfectly encapsulates the sprawling sonic universe of the song, radiating with spectrums of a distant dark fairytale.

The video is an evocative trip through a fantasy world, as Callaz dances and runs through the wilderness, clothed in robes coloured from black to pink to iridescent velvet. Flashing between scenes of a face swallowed in white lace and kaleidoscopic butterfly winged visuals, it captures the essence of metamorphosis through stunning fashion and visuals. A truly memorable visual experience.

The incredible clip for Breakup Funk was directed by Blair Alexander and styled by Birkir.

Feast your eyes on the video below: