PREMIERE: The Outside Inn inspire metamorphosis with A Lot Can Change

This last year has seen some stellar hip-hop acts take the reigns from the bloated movement of what was once affectionately referred to as ‘Aussie hip-hop’. Tkay Maidza, Baro, Koi Child, Sampa the Great and Ivan Ooze have done much to give the scene a richer voice, and the same can be said of four man collective The Outside Inn. One listen to their new track A Lot Can Change will have you convinced.

The Outside Inn premiere

Overcoming adversity is a challenge we all must face, and it’s made all the more easier with the poignant new tune from The Outside Inn A Lot Can Change.

The Outside Inn hail from Melbourne and came together in 2014 mixing a smoky variation of hip-hop that draws from electronica, neo-soul and RnB. The band is made up of producer and vocalist Blue Moon (you may know him by his old moniker Matt On The Moon), producer Y ∆ N and lyricists Sebby and Julian AK. Continuing to collaborate with other creatives and keeping their SoundCloud page updated with new music has garnered them a healthy following.

A Lot Can Change is the first taste of their new EP Inntro. Slow and pensive, the song is a great example of the group’s knack for crafting mature music with plenty of heft. The drawling synths and breathy delivery of the vocals is reminiscent of hip-hop heavyweight Schoolboy Q in the vein of his less ego-driven spits. Speaking about A Lot Can Change, Blue Moon said “The track is about dealing with the pressure to be a certain kind of person – from family, society, whoever – then finding your inner voice and support mechanism to be whoever you want to be”.

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It’s about doing what feels right to you, even despite adversity…looking inside yourself, as well as outside, for the answers. While external changes are often more obvious, it’s important to understand a lot can change within yourself too, and that even negative experiences can help you grow.

The track came together quite naturally for the band, their collaborative flow working in their favour; “A Lot Can Change was a natural thought process, Blue Moon made the beat one day and started writing through a stream of consciousness. After going over it a few times, Sebby decided to add a verse. When we were sorting through a few tracks, we decided to record A Lot Can Change and add it to the EP.

Rich and deep, A Lot Can Change is the kind of track that is best experienced late at night, lying in the moonlight and watching the stars during some quiet self-reflection. Maybe you’ll have a life changing epiphany, or perhaps just be inspired in knowing that despite any struggle, the grass will always be greener.