PREMIERE: Wasters say farewell to an alien life form in dreamy new single Bye Bye Bye

To say goodbye is one of life’s inevitable woes, be it losing a loved one, traveling overseas or flying away on an alien spaceship to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Sydney garage pop three-piece, Wasters seem to know the feeling well and in their sleepy new track Bye Bye Bye will make you understand it too.


Sydney three-piece Wasters burn a unique stamp into garage pop with their sweet, cozy new single Bye Bye Bye along with its colourful, chaotic music video.

Known for their prolific live performance schedule and even some air play on triple J, Wasters certainly do not live up to their name. Using their creativity to its full potential, the Sydney boys have returned with their newest single just as the final chiming notes of the last were ringing in our ears. The track was released accompanied by a colour stained music video in which we witness Wasters enjoying / not enjoying what looks to be a big party with a small guest list. A paradox when juxtaposed to its visual counterpart, Bye Bye Bye is a master class in subtlety and restraint, minimizing complexity in order to give way to soothing melody and introspective lyricism.

Bye Bye Bye sounds like a warm cuddle on a rainy night, one that provides comfort in it’s familiarity and understanding of the human condition. As the tune reaches it’s tingling climax, as does the video with the lads in full performance mode on their instruments and in their element. What a comforting thing, to revel in the safety of sound in times of difficulty, Bye Bye Bye offers this safety blanket in the form of a look into the minds of its authors. The irony in this is the notion that, perhaps, Wasters aren’t singing of a lost love or human farewell but one of a more extra terrestrial influence. Nevertheless, the message comes across in whatever form a listener may desire.

Gentle, jangled guitar strums are caressed by kind, cozy vocals from the outset, soon crescendoing to an anthemic climax featuring some easy harmonies and a drum pulse that accentuates the building energy of the track. Bathing in the reds and blues of the music video is where the song reaches its full level of actualization and enables the listener a new perspective to what they may have encountered upon their initial listen to the track. For those who enjoy easy garage pop in the vein of Weezer or lazy, laid back rock a la You Am IBye Bye Bye is one of many offerings Wasters bring to the table.

The three-piece plan to expose the track in its live for in a series of single releases taking place around NSW and in Melbourne.

Single Launch dates:

Thu, 21st January 2016 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ Hedge Fund & The Water Board
Wed, 3rd February 2016 – Rad Bar, Wollongong w/ Ugly Mundays, Love Buzz & Postmentalist
Thu, 11th February 2016 – Bar Open, Melbourne 
 w/ Face Face, Going Swimming & Beloved Elk
Fri, 12th February 2016 – Whole Lotta Love Bar, Melbourne w/ Luke Seymoup Band