The future of Rainbow Serpent Festival is in jeopardy after drug related offences and sexual assault claims

The future of Victoria’s Rainbow Serpent Festival is in doubt after the event saw numerous drug and sexual assault offences.

Drug Charges

According to Victoria Police News, 40 drivers tested positive in a random drug test leaving the festival, along with one driver who was under the influence of alcohol and five people who were arrested for drug trafficking offences.

It has also been made aware that there were four cases of sexual assault, numerous theft allegations and an assault made against a security guard reported over the six day long festival that took place in Lexton.

Victoria Police Inspector Bruce Thomas said in a statement regarding the event “Every year we see the event take place, every year we raise our concerns and every year we are left picking up the pieces.

It’s painfully obvious that there are huge direct and indirect risks to the community as a result of the behaviour that takes place at the festival. It was a miracle that no one was killed on our roads given the number of drug drivers departing from the festival.”

In a statement against the claims being made about the event, Rainbow Serpent organisers released a statement saying “While there is always room for improvement and we abhor the terrible isolated cases of assault at Rainbow this year the vast majority of you were wonderful human beings. Unfortunately it looks like some police feel Rainbow shouldn’t continue because we face the exact same challenges the rest of society is facing.”