A set to remember: what went down when Joyride hit Goros

Last Saturday saw the vibes at Goros in Sydney’s Surry Hills reaching new heights as Joyride checked into the venue for a DJ set. The place was packed, spirits were high, and the tunes were mint.

We (somehow) snaked our way through the packed crowd for a cheeky front row look into the action.

goros joyride dj set surry hills happy mag dani hansen
Photos: Dani Hansen

Live art, easy crowds, and hits for days. Check out what went down when Joyride checked into Goros last week.

For those who haven’t been to Goros, it’s a bar and club that’s quickly garnered a steady stream of local partygoers for its izakaya style food, wild weekend hangs, and even wilder karaoke rooms.

It’s open all week but Sundays, but the Saturday nights in particular have become a force to be reckoned with, and last week was no exception.

A live painting installation and the venue’s absolutely massive¬†Garfield doll provided more than enough entertainment touch points for the punters as the night filled out, folks streaming in and out of the karaoke rooms as the tunes got bigger and bigger.

By the time Joyride hit the decks the place was stacked wall-to-wall with one of the friendliest club crowds we’ve come across, all stoked to be there despite the close quarters.

The man himself played a ripper set which danced from hit to hit, R&B banger to hip hop crowdpleaser. Destiny’s Child made a particularly distinguished appearance, heralded by a massive cheer from the crowd.

Catch some more of the action below, and find out more about Goros Saturdays right here.