The Festival Of Goros is happening baby!

No need to wait till the New Year to celebrate 2022, Goros have got you covered for the tail end of this year, so best organize yourself now so you don’t miss out.

After multiple postponements due to our old mate COVID, Goros has announced that they are finally holding the much-anticipated Festival of Goros! It’s time to raise your glass, get fancy, and ‘footloose’ your way through to Christmas in true Goros style.

Goros is holding three nights of Wasabi spiced fun with free gyoza, arcade games, a photo booth, tasty Patron cocktails, and a huge lineup of Pino Gris Papi and Mowgli May to get you partying hard till Santa rides into town.

goros festival 2022

So grab your mates, grab your partner, hell, grab everyone and get ready for the biggest three nights this side of 2022. 

The Festival of Goros Thursday 22nd December – Saturday 24th December. As always, the entry is FREE, and doors open at 5. Book here!