Scientists figured out how to grow marijuana using CO2 from beer

In a surprising win for sustainability, Denver Beer Company, The Clinic, Earthly Labs, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) have figured out a way to grow marijuana using the excess CO2 from beer production.

Turns out that this development recycles over 6,600 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, instead of letting the nasty toxin reach into the atmosphere. It has even been reported that the Denver Beer by-product leads to a denser, more fragrant crop.

Photo: The Clinic

In one of the most perfect pairings out there, Colorado researchers have found a way to recycle excess beer CO2 into marijuana production.

“We are very pleased how that pilot project turned out,” co-founder of Denver Beer Company Charlie Berger explained. “It gave us the opportunity to show any CO2-user, that there’s more than just one option. One that’s just like commercial gas, but actually, that’s from an alternative source.”

To make this magic happen, scientists trap all the gas that comes off Denver Beer’s brewery and compresses it into a liquid. This liquid is then transported over to the Kush farms, where they are rigged up to a vaporiser and aerated around the greenhouse.

With beer and weed currently standing as two of Colorado’s biggest industries, genius Kaitlin Urso figured that a smart solution would be to combine the two. Marijuana crops need CO2 to grow, whilst brewing beer produced copious amounts of the gas. You could argue that it’s the state’s very own “por que no los dos?” moment

“I think it’s really exciting — it’s just good all around,” Urso stated to reported. “We should be thinking about our waste streams as commodities and about re-use.”

Check out the Denver Beer Company here.