Seth Rogen has been smoking an “ungodly” amount of weed in isolation

Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen has claimed he was “made” for self-isolation, joking to Jimmy Kimmel that smoking weed has been getting him through quarantine.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been guest-starring celebs from their homes, and Rogen claimed isolation hasn’t actually been that bad for him.

Photo: Seth Rogen Instagram

If you run out of things to do in self-isolation, I guess the what Seth Rogen is doing by going for a cheeky doobie isn’t too bad at all.

“I have kind of been self-isolating since 2009,” the actor joked.

You can watch Rogen’s feature on the show below:

Not only has Rogen been smoking a “truly ungodly” amount of weed, but he has also been partaking in pottery and ceramics!

Rogen laughed about the amount of weed he’s been smoking, saying, “thank god it’s been declared an essential service… because for me it is essential.”

“I’m really built for this. The fact that I have no kids is making this truly not that bad.”

Since Neil deGrasse Tyson said it would be a bad idea to smoke weed in space, I suppose we should just do it here on Earth.

“So many of our friends wanted to do pottery, we got a literal third wheel, me and my wife… We have a kiln, we found a place that will deliver clay in this time of quarantine,” Rogen continued, showing Kimmel some of his pottery work.

Look, I say if Seth says it’s cool, it’s cool. Happy 4/20! Smoke some weed and make a vase, let us know how it turns out.