Alleged abuser Marilyn Manson joined the stage at Kanye’s ‘Donda 2’ listen party

Kanye West invited Marilyn Manson to join him on stage during his Donda 2 listening event at LoanDepot Park in Miami on Tuesday night.

Despite receiving huge backlash for choosing to have Marilyn Manson on his most recent album Donda, Kanye is still backing the insidious shock rocker.

Kanye had no need to invite Manson as he didn’t even include his song Jail Pt. 2 on Donda 2.

Both Manson and DaBaby, who’s been caught up in his own drama after going on a homophobic rant last year, just stood on stage without performing, making their involvement feel like a clear statement that Kanye wants to be caught up in a whole lot of bullshit.