Lizzo and Lady Gaga as provocative muse in Marilyn Minter’s steamy new portraitsbooks

Steamy, sultry, and dripping with desire, Marilyn Minter’s latest exhibition at LGDR’s chic Beaux Arts building is a feast for the senses.

Minter is back with a daring and provocative display of her latest bodies of work. Her fearless exploration of beauty, representation, autonomy, and desire through a feminist, sex-positive lens is on full display, set to leave viewers in awe.

With her signature style of glossy enamel paint on metal, Marilyn Minter delves into the intimacy of the female body, capturing moments of pure pleasure. In works like “Star Tattoo” (2019-21), the voluptuous Lizzo poses confidently in lingerie, cell phone in hand, capturing a moment of self-love and empowerment.

marilyn minter exhibtion
Photo by Andy Romer. Courtesy of the artist and LGDR

Lady Gaga’s portrait is a mesmerizing display of freckles and glossy lips that match her earrings, proving that even pop icons are not immune to Minter’s seductive charm.

Minter’s meticulous process of layering coats of paint to create a shimmering sheen is evident.

lady gaga marilyn minter painting
Photo by Andy Romer. Courtesy of the artist and LGDR

Drawing inspiration from steamy shower doors and using Photoshop to enhance her subjects, Minter’s paintings exude a tropical palette of pastels and jewel tones that mesmerize in the gallery light.

But it’s not just the technique that makes Minter’s art shine; it’s the unapologetic celebration of female pleasure that radiates from her work.

A trailblazer in the pro-sex feminist movement, Minter has been pushing boundaries since the 1980s, her unapologetic paintings depicting stills from hardcore porn were nothing short of a cultural bombshell that shook the art world, and as a result, she faced the wrath of the moral crusaders of the time.

marilyn minter paintings 2023
Photo by Andy Romer. Courtesy of the artist and LGDR

Her work was met with controversy, censorship, and backlash, but it also sparked important conversations about freedom of expression, censorship, and the power dynamics surrounding sexuality in art.

marilyn minter
Photo by Andy Romer. Courtesy of the artist and LGDR

Love her or hate her, Minter’s unapologetic approach to pushing artistic boundaries and challenging the status quo is undeniably legendary in the annals of art history.

Minter’s portraits of cultural icons like Gloria Steinem, Monica Lewinsky, and Mickalene Thomas are nothing short of stunning.

Radiating with happiness, Glenn Ligon’s electric blue shirt and eyeglasses, or Roxane Gay’s shiny magenta lips, all exude joy and self-assurance.

marilyn minter paintings
Photo by Andy Romer. Courtesy of the artist and LGDR

Minters latest works are a provocative reminder that desire knows no bounds, and Minter fearlessly leads the charge in challenging the status quo with her audacious artwork.

Minters exhibition is on now April 12 – June 3, 2023 at LGDR.