Martin Scorsese is working on a documentary about New York music in the 1970s

Yet another documentary-style film on New York’s unique musical identity is currently underway. This time, it’ll be none other than Martin Scorsese taking the reigns on the project.

Little is known about the documentary, other than that it will be a fact-led, research style project as opposed to the writing/directing roles that Scorsese usually takes.

No doubt it will be quite the visual spectacle for a documentary, coming from a director who is known to stick with film-reel recording and other vintage methods of production.

This is certainly not the first time the big-time director has taken on New York’s music scene in the ’70s, having had his HBO series Vinyl canceled after its first and only season. Arguably, this is little the fault of Scorsese who only directed the show’s feature-length pilot episode which received, unsurprisingly, notable critical acclaim.

The documentary is just one of 20 documentary features commissioned by Ron Howard and Brian Grazier’s production company Imagine Entertaintainment, which is reportedly sizing up a feature-length doco on the life of Carlos Santana. Good things to come for music documentary lovers out there, hopefully.

Scorsese’s latest feature The Irishman featuring the timeless greats Robert Deniro and Al Pacino has just gone live on Netflix to get you in the Scorsese mood.