Masco Sound System show the world that live music never dies with their incredible live EP

Cathartic grooves, deep funk, profound lyricism and modernistic soundscapes come together in an intergalactic clusterfuck of awesome when listening to Masco Sound System and their new EP recorded live at the Northcote Social Club.


It’s not common to see bands recording live sets these days with so much recording software at hand. But Masco Sound System have captured the true beauty that we were missing

As the cheery delay of crystal clear guitars jangle gently, the band appears to wake together from a slumber to open the show. With such restraint, the band gears up and begins to weave its story through the expanse of a crowd in need of some serenading.

One can picture vividly the bobbing heads and bending smirks of the lucky punters as they’re eased into a night of good tunes and good vibes. The first track pours into the room like the warm stream of water filling a winter bathtub, soon to engulf the bodies of punters in cozy, funky waves of fun.

A crescendo begins and vocalist Oli Dear sounds truly in control of the room as he spiels on his personal thoughts. The band kicks in to gear and a relentless distorted harmonica floats in and out of prominence as the soundscape expands; the audience is undoubtedly loosening, smiling more and caring less.

Fuzzed out vocals echo into the second song, and a groove is finally solidified as the slinky bass is established in a 70’s funk throwback. Dear’s vocal bends into its full, growling bravado as it echoes between the cracks in the steam-train groove. A little bit of dancing isn’t compulsory, but it’s unavoidable.

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Being mastered for vinyl, the EP spreads between two sides which are cleverly delineated against one another. The dirty funk of Side A gives way to an ebbing dub and flowing reggae juices spill across the immortalised evening. A bellowing trombone is introduced and the band’s vast versatility is on full display.

You can almost feel the first sips of that 4th beer, as if you were there on the night. That semi0euphoric buzz, the perfect centre line between bored and overs stimulated hits its stride on Side B as the band’s excessive instrumental prowess takes centre stage.

A dynamic, exotic instrumental fills most of this half of the EP with some enticing guitar slingin’ and even more hair-singeing harmonica. It’s a psych jam worthy of The Greatful Dead which shows just another of countless sides to Masco Sound System’s genre jumping ability.

The EP seems relentless until it fades, leaving us hanging. Once the music dies out, it is missed, it leaves burning questions on the cusp of our eager minds, longing to know what else the band has to offer and, indeed, when we’re likely to witness it.

All that can be said, for now, is that live music is alive and well and bands like Masco Sound System are taking it to a whole new level.

Grab a copy of the Vinyl and a ticket to the upcoming launch here.

Track List

Side A
You’ve Gone Away
In and Out
Side B
Death Machine
Masco Sound System