R U A Gronk?! The Meeting Tree are asking all the right questions in their video for Life Is Long: Slow Down, with cringeworthy accuracy

R U A Gronk?!

The resounding question is put forward by meme lords and electro wizards, The Meeting Tree  in their brand spankin’ new video. The new video from the duo shows a variety of gronks in their natural habitat and causes an internal inquest into the truth of the matter.


The Meeting Tree are helping a panel of judges navigate a minefield of gronks in their new video for Life is Long: Slow Down

The video opens with a daytime gameshow facade, slowly introducing its intention through the display of several gronks and their irritating, arrogant ways. A panel of female judges have the unfortunate task of rating the gronk level of each candidate and become increasingly disgruntled as the video progresses.

Our hosts are none other than The Meeting Tree, jamming their groove tainted melodies with soulful finesse as the hilarity unfolds before them. As we’re introduced to every type of gronk imaginable, it seems obvious that the ladies will never unearth a non-gronk.

The accuracy of the statement made by the video is uncanny, and a little unnerving. It’s true, just look out the window! We’re overrun, the gronk population grows every time a club opens downtown. Meninists, faux hipsters, UFC enthusiasts, the list goes on and this music video has all the bases covered in a hilarious fashion.

The song itself, however, is as far from gronkdom as one could possibly travel. The warm jacuzzi synths spray themselves generously over glitch bass and irresistible beats. The vocals massage and caress in their depth as the groove continues to jump joyously on the walls of your ear holes.

Life is Long: Slow Down could well end up the club banger of the season, and even Peking Duk seem to give the track their tick of approval with a cheeky cameo as one of the gronks of the video. There’s something inherently Australian about the warm, understated disco vibes of the track; it draws from a bottomless well of inspiration in the same vein as acts like Peking Duk, Safia and other inventive beat makers.

The real strong point of the track and The Meeting Tree, as a whole, is their ability to take their quirks in their stride. The boys don’t take themselves to seriously and, all jokes aside, they’re conveying a message we can all relate to with their new single: no one likes a gronk, no one likes a douchebag.

So, stretch those limbs, groove on down and let The Meeting Tree enlighten you with their golden beats and cautionary tales.