Mason June wields pure ’60s charm on his new single ‘Departure Dreams’

BREIZERS frontman and guitarist Mason June delights us with his sophomore solo release Departure Dreams: a call to the introverts to get up and sway.

Sydney’s Mason June (a.k.a Mason MacKenzie Wood) introduced his solo project with the jive-like Something Sweet last March. Infectious in more ways than one, it was clear that MacKenzie Wood knew how to command the listener and dictate their response from the get-go: toes tapping and fully grooving.

His opening sentiments from this first single remains the same: “What a strange and messed up planet we live on.” A sour thought captured between danceable beats and shimmering guitars, Departure Dreams picks up right where we were left hanging for more.

Photo: Kaihla Oxman

Ever the introspective ponderer, MacKenzie Wood is, lyrically speaking, a simple man. Light and uncorrupted by wordy nuances, Departure Dreams conjures playful connotations and lets the soft rhythm speak for itself. Dreamy, twang-heavy guitar gives way for a seductive electric solo, washing over you like a warm, whisky glow.

Speaking to the other half of the relationship in question, the romantic tone on this one is hopeful; at the very least, accepting of fault and the inevitable change. A welcome ’60s sheen is cast over the four-minute track with a crescendo of upbeat percussion. Purposeful drums played by Neel Shukla, bring the final moments to a hugely raised vibration.

MacKenzie Wood borrows all the gentleness of such influences as George Harrison and yet forgets to include the boldness of folk-lord Father John Misty. We’re left with peak nostalgia on Departure Dreams and a likeable protagonist and craftsman in Mason June. Easy listening is a term very often thrown around and yet it seems to find new legs in songs that are full of talent and care. Departure Dreams isn’t just digestible, it’s delicious.

Recorded over four weeks with James Moore at Arthur Street Studios, depart from reality and into Departure Dreams below: