‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ players love peace, Wrex, and punching reporters in the face

Mass Effect Legendary Edition provides the perfect opportunity to revisit your past mistakes. For some, that means embracing their worst inclinations.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the ultimate way to experience what are possibly the best role playing games of all time. What makes this collection so special is the freedom to behave in a wide variety of ways.

The choices that you make on your journey through the Mass Effect games are far reaching in terms of content and consequences. Whether the decision relates to your intergalactic romance, or who you wish to save on a tragically ill-fated mission, they all must be made, and they will all leave their mark on your Commander Shepard.

An added and perhaps unforeseen benefit of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, at least when combined with some questionable privacy mechanics, is that the developers have been able to track the popularity of various important decisions. Never before have we had such accurate information regarding the inner workings and psychological profiles of a specific group of gamers.

That said, it should probably be noted that many players wouldn’t have been playing the Mass Effect series for the first time, meaning these players would have been able to tactically navigate scenarios to achieve their desired outcome.

Nonetheless, we’ve had a bit of a gander and here are the Mass Effect players’ choices we found most noteworthy.

Spoilers ahead.

mass effect wrex
Image: Mass Effect Legendary Edition / Bioware

Everyone loves Wrex

A whopping 96% of all Mass Effect Legendary Edition players chose to save everyone’s favourite boneheaded mercenary. Urdnot Wrex has a really interesting role to play in the trilogy, and to let him die on Virmire is tantamount to self-harming a playthrough.

He’s simply too much fun, and it appears almost everyone agrees.

The peaceful way is the best way…

In general, players appear to favour the path of peace and forgiveness. 96% of all Mass Effect Legendary Edition players decided that curing the Krogan Genophage and getting Tali her pardon were the way to go.

This isn’t too surprising as both decisions are related to the Paragon tree of choices (being a good guy).

…except when dealing with the media

More surprisingly, 68% of players chose to punch a female journalist in the face rather than politely answer questions. Now this is a video game, but the scene is actually pretty shocking and out of sync with much of the rest of the games.

In these players’ defence, the decision isn’t accurately telegraphed by the accompanying text: “This interview is over” hardly suggests a brutal king hit.

Garrus is best sidekick in Mass Effect

What can we say, Garrus is a king amongst men… well, aliens. No other squad member was a more popular choice, and considering Garrus’s interesting and informative conversation, versatile skillset, and general badassery, it isn’t hard to see why.

Check out the all the data in infographic form below.