Masters of genre bending, The Drools help us navigate a crowd of imitators to find some truly original bands

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Genre defying masters and originators of “Blunge”, The Drools are the amalgamation of so many influences, they forge a sound never heard before. Not only are the boys ripping up the scene in the wake of the release of Sullen Scenes but, they also took some time out to bless us with a list of other genre-jumping aficionados and were even kind enough to name each band’s newly formed genre.


To create original music in modern times is no small task. With imitators at every turn, The Drools help identify some of the most unique genre jumping acts

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

If you aren’t yet on board with PPC you’re missing out on the hottest thing coming out of Perth right now. They are hitting the scene with a direction of progressiveness and psychedelia, incorporating the aggressiveness of punk & garage rock. An experience to say the least. We’ll name it “Tame Impala smoked a Jeffery”.

Koi Child

Most people will be familiar with Koi Child by now, having been all over the triple J airwaves. Smooth ass jazz band, with an extremely impressive rhythm section and fast, tight rhymes by front man, Shannon. They put on an impressive live show full of energy; we would highly recommend seeing this “Jazz Hop” hybrid.

The Weapon is Sound

Adequately named, The Weapon Is Sound bring a heavy, psychedelic version of reggae to the table. The sound may seem hard to conceive, but it makes absolute sense once experienced. Fully fitted with a brass section, the sound produced could no doubt flatten an army. They call it “Dub Reggae” and lets stick with that.

Jacob Diamond

A tasteful combination of folk, country, experimental rock and all things alternative, Jacob’s rich sound is captivating. Using a back catalogue of exotic jazz chords and well thought out song structures, its just bloody good song writing. Having hand picked some of the best musos in Perth to make up his band, they are truly something to witness in the flesh. Not really bound to any genre, but let’s call this “New age folk”.


Having recently check out Racing in New Zealand, it would be an injustice not to include these guys. It’s always a real delight to discover something entirely original, especially when you rock up to a gig with no expectation. These guys managed to combine elements of blues, rock n roll and psychedelia into a majorly dance orientated sound. Their recordings not doing justice to their versatile live performance lets call this blend “Unhinged Dance”.