EXCLUSIVE: They All Say from Melbourne rapper, NYUON is an uplifting swim through dreamy synths and relentless flow

As a budding musician, you face many challenges. Among financial stresses, insecurity and homesickness, another phenomenon which is all too common is the skepticism of others, especially those close to you. Melbourne rapper, NYUON knows this feeling all too well.


They All Say, the exclusive track from NYUON is catchy, uplifting and, above all, original beyond compare. This truly is an artist to watch in Aussie rap

In the opening bars of NYUON’s exclusive offering, They All Say we hear the all-too-familiar remarks of the detractors. “What’s your plan B?,” “You’re wasting your time” the voices chide. In an industry so lacking in financial distribution, one must have realistic and alternative motives in pursuing it. Fortunately, for most, music and the pursuit of creation provides moments of such sheer joy, passion and discovery, money doesn’t even exist, nor do the doubts of detractors.

However, They All Say defies its negative connotations, rising above criticism and pursuing musical freedom whole-heartedly. Lyrically, the song runs freely along these lines as NYUON shuts down naysayers and stands his ground. It’s inspiring, yes, but by no means cheesy.

Dreamy synths wash lovingly over the song’s message and allow breaths of harmony to rest atop the clicking precision of the groove. NYUON’s flow is consistent and personable at the same time, beating its way through the waves of sound to rest atop the listener’s conscious, feeding its important message of perseverance all the while.

The Ethiopian born, Kenyan raised Melbournian has developed his unique flow thorough his adventures and it melts like ice cream over They All Say solidifying NYUON as one of Australian hip-hop’s most exciting new artists.

There are elements of NYUON’s influence here; tinges of T.I’s penchant for chilled balladry and Kanye’s inventive production style are present but don’t detract from the unique tonality of the overall piece. The track’s ability to rest within its listener’s psyche is undeniable, the minimal synth strings swim gently over the curves of your brain, seemingly warming it to its very core. In all seriousness, They All Say is as uplifting as it is hard-hitting and catchy.

The exclusive track only goes further to place NYUON with contemporaries like Sampa the Great as the new age of Aussie hip hop, devoid of bullshit and full of innovation, character and love. Wrap your ears around this once and you’ll never be able to untangle so it’s best just to roll with it.

Keep an eye out for NYUON, he’s going places.

NYUON will be performing as a part of Real Songwriters Live on June 11th at The Wesley Anne in Melbourne