Math-pop-art-rock may sound a little pretentious but Sparkspitter make it glow

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Meet the Adelaide band who are well known for standing on their very own sonic pedestal. Sparkspitter are a three piece math-pop / art-rock band consisting of Matthew Barlow (bass), Thomas Capogreco (guitar) and Rohan Goldsmith (loops and percussion). If the term math-pop art-rock sounds pretentious don’t worry, it did to me too, but that was before I heard the trickling melodies, intricate loops and emotive playing that has turned Sparkspitter into cult sensation in Adelaide.

EPISTEME Sparkspitter

Math-pop art-rock. Sounds pretentious, but fucking awesome in the hands of Sparkspitter, Adelaide’s latest cult sensation.

Listeners are sent gently away into starry skies and ominous subterranean landscapes filled with awe and imagination. Sparkspitter are also some of the hardest working creative minds that Adelaide can call their own. Taking influence from Tortoise, King Crimson and Battles when it comes to bands, and minimalist legends Philip Glass and Steve Reich when it comes to solo artists, Sparkspitter was formed in 2011 out of a will to explore a more experimental, syncopated and mathematical approach to music.

This is well in theory, but the tunes of Sparkspitter also pack a hell of a lot of feeling, sure to set your heart ablaze in the way only the most delicate compositions can. Barlow, Capogreco and Goldsmith have played in past projects such as Thunderclaw, Encarta, Strega and Bronze Chariot, to name but a few. Sparkspitter were able to hit the ground running with new found inspiration for the project, having since released a self-titled EP, a two track single entitled FEARSPLISHING and of course their critically acclaimed debut album Techne which appeared on top lists such as Rip it Up’s Top 25 Albums of the Year in 2014.

While no strangers to the local scene Sparkspitter have also destroyed a deadly array of international supports in the likes of Lightning Bolt, Om, Gold Panda, My Disco and Civil Civic. If that wasn’t impressive enough the trio also has an impressive festival resume, having performed at Lost City Festival, Bigsound, Groovin the Moo and Laneway Festivals. While this is impressive the band’s most fond memories are of touring Southeast Asia in 2012, where they performed in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jogjakatar, Bandung and Kajarta.

For Sparkspitter every single live show is an entirely unique and catered experience, one that commands the full attention of the audience. While the band gear up for the release of their second EP EPISTEME which is set for release in November 2015, they have a few shows on the horizon. Lucky readers living in Adelaide will be able to experience the chaotic and sometimes utterly bizarre Sparkspitter live show at the South Australian Museum this Friday August 21st as a part of Science Week’s Night Lab. The trio will also be appearing at the first inaugural Vision Festival at Jive on Saturday September 26th alongside Glass Skies, The Dunes, West Thebarton Brothel Party and many more!

As for the time being, you can check out all of Sparkspitter’s material from past to present on their Bandcamp profile.

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