Matthew McConaughey hosts online bingo for lonely seniors

Matthew McConaughey has hosted a live bingo night for lonely Texan seniors missing out on their favourite pastime.

Lifting seniors’ spirits in isolation, the Texas-born movie-star hosted an online conference/bingo session for the residents The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living in Austin on Monday.

Texas-born Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey hosts virtual bingo session for lonely Texan seniors as the world self-isolates due to coronavirus.

The 50-year-old, famous for lead roles in American Psycho, Dallas Buyer’s Club and the 2020 hit The Gentlemen, hosts this unique virtual bingo session with the help of his family. The Hollywood star uses Zoom, an online meeting room, by calling out numbers to his audience and cheering on those in the lead.

Zoom, has gained exponential momentum during the current coronavirus pandemic and has a multitude of uses. From Zumba classes, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to bingo sessions for seniors, Zoom’s potential uses are endless. There’s even a conspiracy theory that Zoom actually created coronavirus for their own power-hungry means – stranger things have happened.

A sales director at the Austin facility told a TV station:

“The residents absolutely loved seeing Matthew and his family and enjoyed hearing him talk about what he’s doing to get through this crisis.”

Ever socially-aware, this is not the first time McConaughey has piped up through this pandemic. He took to Twitter last week to describe the need for unity throughout this global crisis against a “faceless, raceless, sexless” enemy.

Fingers crossed he hosts another bingo tournament for lonely millennials too!