PREMIERE: If you don’t like the new video from DickLord, you’re ‘Boring’

DickLord’s new single and video is nothing but boring. In fact if you don’t like it, you’re boring.

The new clip comes in hot as a cut from their debut album It’s Soooo Boring, out just last month. One of the loudest and proudest collection of tunes to crawl out of Australia’s underground this year, the record has attitude in spades and more ‘fuck’s than The Wolf of Wall Street.

dicklord boring premiere happy mag
Photo: Lachlan Douglas

Straighten up and take this one on the chin. Boring is the wild new clip from DickLord, a righteous Aussie punk band who need to be on your radar.

DickLord are a bunch of rowdy punks, known for live shows that are at least a little bit dangerous. Over the past few years they’ve carved out a niche for themselves with honest, no-good punk anthems and Boring is certainly no exception.

It’s a tune aimed at anyone who’s too big for their boots and anyone who puts themselves on a podium. Take it from DickLord – and everybody else – you’re boring.

The clip was directed by Ken Weston and shot by Dan Schist and Jack Burns; a psychedelic, kaleidoscopic mess that may give you a small clue as to what a DickLord show looks like in the flesh.

Since we’re all cooped up inside our houses, unfortunately DickLord have no live dates on the calendar. For now, listen to Boring above.


DickLord’s debut album It’s Soooo Boring is out now. Grab your copy on vinyl here.