Some legends in the US are throwing punk gigs in fast food restaurants

Some legends in the US are throwing punk gigs in fast food restaurants

UPDATE: Green Day have donated $2000 to pay for damages at the restaurant.

Are you one of those punters who loves a loose gig in a peculiar venue like Denny’s maybe? If so, you might just freak out at the project these kids from the US are running – bringing live punk to the heart of America’s big-time food chains.

Raising hell in the middle of a Denny’s restaurant in California, the West-Coast punk band Wacko did well to rack up over $1000 worth of damages in just a 20-minute set.

It seems the sky’s the limit for hardcore punk in the US, as Wacko follow in the footsteps of a metalcore band who played a packed show at a Wendy’s ice-cream parlor not long before WACKO took to the Denny’s stage.

The following video shows just how much havoc can be reeked at a family diner when you throw in a hardcore punk band along with a bunch of rowdy teenagers who are ready to charge.

They polished of their hard and fast set with an announcement regarding an afterparty beneath a bridge, 5kms in a vague direction. As video evidence will also reveal, this afterparty was nothing short of massive and insane.

Since the big night, Wacko has put together a Gofundme page to raise funds for damages to the restaurant which has since been covered. With such support and solidarity, who knows where the next crazy food-chain show pop up? 


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Following the cataclysmic damage which lockout laws have caused to Sydney’s prominent nightclubs and music venues, perhaps we could learn a thing or two from this rowdy bunch. Death metal show at Engadine Maccas anyone?