‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’, the juicy book on the 2000s NYC indie scene, to be adapted into documentary

If you haven’t read Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock & Roll in NYC 2001-2011, Lizzy Goodman’s book on the 2000’s NYC indie scene (focusing on the rise of The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, The White Stripes, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc), you should get on that. But if you’re not much of a reader, that’s cool. The book is being turned into a four-part documentary mini-series.

meet me in the bathroom documentary

Meet Me In The Bathroom, Lizzy Goodman’s juicy book on the 2000s NYC indie scene, is to be adapted into a 4-hour documentary mini-series.

The book is an oral history, collating hundreds of interviews with the aforementioned bands, journalists, tour managers, label heads, DJs and tastemakers, and a plethora of others involved with the scene, and the series looks to follow a similar format.

Directed by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, who previously helmed the LCD Soundsystem concert film, Shut Up and Play the Hits, the documentary will feature “first hand testimony, rare archive, and an era-defining soundtrack” with many of the sources featured in the book, according to Pitchfork.

Goodman said in a statement: “At various points during the six long years it took to bring ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’ to life, it occurred to me what an incredible documentary this would make.

At the time it seemed like a total fantasy but it now feels like fate that the team behind Shut Up and Play the Hits, the show that gave me the idea to write this book in the first place, would be the ones to bring ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’ to the screen.

She continued, “It’s time to share with everyone else the full view of this weird, beautiful, dirty time capsule I’ve been inhabiting.”