Meet the Super 6: the premium polysynth debut from UDO

Meet the Super 6: the premium polysynth debut from UDO

The Super 6 from UDO is gaining a serious amount of buzz for its fresh approach to classic analog synthesis.

The Super 6 is the debut synthesiser from British-based manufacturer UDO, described by its creators as a “12 voice polyphonic binaural analog-hybrid synth“. Rarely does a new synthesiser emerge this fully-realised and self-assured, so it is understandably attracting significant attention. 

Its aesthetic and lush analog sound lends the instrument an undeniably retro appeal. But it’s not a completely old school affair and is classified as a ‘hybrid’ analog synth due to the incorporation of an FPGA sound engine. It claims to use a unique technology called ‘super wave’, a 7-core wavetable oscillator, as its main oscillator. 

UDO Super 6

Its hands-on front panel is clearly inspired by classic analog synthesisers of the ’80s like the Roland Juno-6 and Prophet-5. And just like these icons of yesteryear, the playing experience of the Super 6 is immediate and invites spontaneous experimentation. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Super 6 is the binaural signal path, that lets each channel become a complete synthesiser when in this particular mode. This means you can simultaneously have 6 stacked ‘super voices’ rather than a traditional 12-voice stereo field.

To read up on all the details, visit the UDO website.