Glasseye Parlour unleash a wild grunge anthem for your health, 'Riot'

Glasseye Parlour unleash a wild grunge anthem for your health, ‘Riot’

If you haven’t listened to the latest single from Glasseye Parlour yet, then what the hell are you doing? Riot is intense, vicious, and utterly addictive.

Listening to Glasseye Parlour’s new song is a bit like copping an elbow to the head at a gig. The riffs are bloodthirsty, the chorus is brutal, and the intensity is palpable. It’s a track that makes you want to mosh, scream, and riot all the once. Porque no los dos?

If the Adelaide four-piece have proved anything since their debut earlier this year, it’s that they have a talent for crafting vicious yet utterly addictive melodies. All you have to do is look to Riot for proof. It’ll ignite any space, make your ears bleed, and take you on a ‘90s grunge-rock journey in the space of three wild minutes. It’s a pretty formidable release.

glasseye parlour riot

From that elegant tinny snap at the song’s beginning, you know you’re in for an absolute treat the moment Riot starts. It’s a track that takes you right back to the golden age of grunge-rock, while bringing something fresh, new, and distinctly Glasseye Parlour to it. Boasting a rhythmic sensitivity and intensity that Cobain himself would be proud to write, the group unleash a chorus with the power to fill stadiums, knowing to tastefully refrain in the most-needed moments.

There’s a versatility to Riot that’s impossible to ignore. It’s overwhelming while still being comforting, chaos done with care. The band have managed to celebrate all the best parts of grunge, rock, and Australia’s modern scene into an exciting new explosion.

“Glasseye Parlour is a four-piece Indigenous-Australian rock band from Adelaide, South Australia,” the band’s bio reads. “Their raw, grungy, ’90s rock sound was developed over many hot summer nights in the back room at James’ house. Their distinctive sound is still evolving into new and exciting sonic avenues as the band grows. Despite this, they know that their strength is in hard-hitting rock anthems and they are just getting started.”

Riot is a ’90s anthem for your health, sweltering with intense beats and even more intense ambitions. It’s safe to say that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what the group produce next.

Check out Riot below: