PREMIERE: Conn. spins a lovesick ballad into grunge on ‘Through The Night’

On his debut single, Conn. has penned a lovesick anthem for the times. Through the Night traces heartache through the acidic waters of grunge, capturing each detail with unmatched clarity.

Lovesick songs take on many forms. The most obvious route is to opt for silky acoustic melodies, allowing heartache to melt through minimalistic tones. However, it seems that the most powerful of these tracks are the ones that turn to the unconventional, just ask Conn. (a.k.a. Zac Connelly).

Exploring the agonies of a long-distance relationship within the acidic walls of grunge, the Victorian singer/songwriter brings a fresh spin to your classic love song on his debut single Through the Night. Where others would refrain to champion lyricism, Connelly cranks the master up to 11. It’s a track that’ll have you pressing repeat for weeks.

conn, zac connelly

From the moment it begins, Through the Night stirs up deep memories of your favourite ‘90s classics. Glistening in brassy grunge tones, Conn. ushers us back through nostalgia as a means to cope with the present. Navigating an inter-state relationship during a pandemic was never going to be easy and the artist lays each detail of the experience out through angst-laden melodies and beckoning choruses.

Powerful without being overwhelming, reflective with the perfect amount of edge, this is a track that Nirvana themselves could’ve penned back in the day. Acoustic love ballads don’t exactly feel fitting in the chaos of 2020 and it seems that Conn. has provided a perfect alternative. Basking in acidic textures and deep reflections, Through the Night is an explosive take on the traditional format; offering nostalgia, detail, and irresistible notes as far as the eye can see.

“Through the Night was written as a bit of a coping mechanism of not being able to see Laura [my girlfriend] for so long,” the artist explains about the track. “But I enjoyed it so much that I decided I would record and release it properly and here we are.”

As a debut, Through the Night is drenched in more introspection and nuance than some artists can only dream of. It’s safe to say that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Conn. delivers next.

Check out the single below: