Melania Trump wore a lime green dress to the RNC and the world turned it into a green screen

Melania Trump wore a lime green Valentino dress to the RNC and everyone went nuts making hilarious green screen edits.

Surely someone worth US$50 million should be able to afford an experienced stylist who understands that perhaps lime green is not the right colour to wear when appearing at an event that will be live-streamed across the world?

First Lady, Melania Trump, wore a $3,000 Valentino dress to the Republican National Convention, held in Washington D.C. last week, which quickly turned into a photoshop meme.

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Whilst Donald Trump attacked his political opponents and boasted about his so-called “achievements”, the Twitter-verse used Melania’s dress as a way to showcase the disaster that has been the Trump presidency.

Starting with Donald Trump’s most recent screw-up, the coronavirus pandemic – which in his words, is “going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear” – let’s begin with the COVID-19 edition of Melania’s dress:

Now, showcasing America’s COVID-19 statistics:

Next up, the Black Lives Matter movement:

A nice timeline to remind the world of the President’s history with convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein:

A quick glance back over Trump’s questionable history with women:

And finally, just some good ol’ fashioned memes:

I would love to know who had this miraculous outfit idea, whether intentional or not, it definitely allowed for a pretty accurate summarisation of Trump’s presidency at a crucial time – so, thank you.

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