Meet Zero-Point, Australia’s first Indigenous super hero

A few years ago Darwin-based artist Jonathon Saunders conceived Zero-Point, an Indigenous Australian superhero who draws his powers from quantum energy. On January 26 Zero-Point: Season Zero will premiere, expanding on the hero’s tale more prominently than ever.

The four-episode web series promises comic-book level action sequences, a tale of hyper-powerful terrorists, “super-drugs”, and superheroes fighting increasingly strong-armed government regulations.

zero-point australia's first indigenous super hero season zero

Introducing Zero Point: Season Zero, a web series tackling First Nations people’s fight for sovereignty with a comic-book sheen.

The web series features award-winning actor Mark Cole-Smith as Zero-Point, Stephen Oliver as Samson, a post-human terrorist dubbing himself the King of Australia and the show’s main antagonist, and Ebony McGuire as Wing Commander.

Speaking on the series and its release date on January 26th, Saunders shared:

“Australia Day, how and when it is celebrated has been a contentious issues for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians for years. Whether you’re for or against the name and date change, there is no denying that few national holidays bring about this much discussion regarding Australia’s past and its future.”

“I felt that Australia Day is an opportunity to celebrate our national story, but must always acknowledge its dark prologue which is prevalent in Zero-Point.”

Watch the trailer below.

Zero-Point: Season Zero premieres January 26th. Find out more here.