Bask in the sunlit reveries of Megan Kennedy's 'Time Machine'

Bask in the sun drenched reverie that is Megan Kennedy’s debut single ‘Time Machine’

Melbourne singer Megan Kennedy sings of tropical islands and afternoon reveries on enrapturing new debut single Time Machines. 

Megan Kennedy has released Time Machines, a dreamy lullaby that serves as the Melbourne singer’s debut single. The song opens with acoustic guitar strums which could breezily soundtrack a lazy summer’s afternoon, before Kennedy’s raw vocals sing of imploding oxytocin and a “crescendo stuck on repeat.” 

Lyrics about tropical islands and vast landscapes further add to the sonic utopia Kennedy builds on Time Machines, until the effect feels much the same as that of a daydream. “Time Machines is a sun drenched ballad that aims to capture the feeling of being caught in a daydream; a joyous time loop,” Kennedy said of the single in a press statement. 

Megan Kennedy new single 'Time Machine'
Photo Credit: Melanie Jayne

Time Machines was written in part while Kennedy was gazing into the ocean; a heavenly force of nature that the singer hoped to replicate in the track’s production. “Watching wave patterns rise and recede into endless forms, [I] wanted to distill this rare moment of bliss through song.” It’s a feat that Kennedy more than achieved, to the point where Time Machines’ lulling outro emulates the harmonious moments before giving in to a daytime nap.

Elsewhere on the single, Kennedy concocts whimsical images of glistening champagne and afternoon reveries, before comparing love to the multitude of landscapes she so carefully describes on Time Machines. The track speaks to Kennedy’s renown as a writer of ‘road songs’, with a blend of fingerstyle folk and indie-pop that’d be perfectly suited for a breezy car ride. 

Megan Kennedy single 'Time Machines'
Photo Credit: Melanie Jayne

Though she currently has just one official single to her name, Kennedy has assembled a repertoire of tracks that she has performed at a handful of shows including festival appearances at Women of the North and Midsumma Carnival, as well as gigs at Thornbury Theatre and the St Kilda Esplanade Hotel Basement. 

'Time Machines' single Megan Kennedy
Photo Credit: Melanie Jayne

Time Machines — which was celebrated with a launch party at The Old Bar in Melbourne last month — serves as the first taste of Kennedy’s upcoming debut EP, which she aims to record and release alongside rehearsing with a live band. In preparation for that project, get swept up in Kennedy’s sun-drenched reverie with her new single Time Machines below.