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Rhodes Music V8 Plugin: Is this Finally the only Rhodes plugin you need?

We got our hands on the new official Rhodes V8 Plugin made by Rhodes Music. Will this official plugin be your go-to Rhodes software instrument?

The Rhodes keyboard has been a stalwart of the music world, a true icon that has crossed genres and remained influential through decades of change. And now, Rhodes Music has taken it to the next level with the Rhodes MK8, featuring master designer Axel Hartmann’s latest innovations.

But that’s not all — the company has also unveiled two new plugins: the Rhodes V8 and Rhodes V8 Pro. We got our hands on the official Rhodes V8 Plugin, and let me tell you, this may just become your go-to Rhodes software instrument.

There’s a certain thrill that comes with opening up a plugin that’s been approved by the brand itself. And when it’s a plugin made BY the company itself, it’s even more exciting. The Rhodes V8 is exactly that, and it delivers on every level. The sound is nothing short of lush — in fact, it’s even better than that. We put it to the test against our real Rhodes in the studio, and nothing else has come close in plugin land.

The GUI is fantastic, and seasoned players will appreciate that you can dive into everything you would normally do on a Rhodes. The Setup page allows you to change the level, Damper, Fine Tune, and Timbre, all things that are under the hood of a physical Rhodes. Meanwhile, the Main page is where you’ll do all your main tweaking, with sections for Preamp, Equalizer, Vari-Pan, Comp, Chorus, Phaser, and Delay. And the Detail page is where you’ll find all the goodies, from Tuning to Mechanical Noise to Profile EQ to Velocity and more.

The amount of presets is impressive, and the artist preset page is especially noteworthy. It includes legendary Australian pianist, keyboardist, producer, and musical director Mike Pensini, who has worked with the likes of Tina Arena, James Morrison, and Sophie Monk, among others.

All in all, the Rhodes V8 Plugin is a triumph. We’re giving it an 11/10, and we highly recommend you give it a try. You can trial either plugin for 14 days to see what all the fuss is about, but trust us — there’s a lot to love here. Rhodes Music has outdone themselves once again.

I want to tell you more, but I also want to go and keep playing with this plugin. 11/10 Rhodes Music. Well done. You can trial either plugin for 14 days if you wanna see what all the fuss is about — which there is a lot!

The Rhodes V8 Pro plugin comes in at $299 USD but is currently on special for $239.95, while the Rhodes V8 comes in at $179.95 USD.

To find out more about the Rhodes V8 plugin head over to Rhodesmusic.com