Melbourne bandits caught stealing 1400 RAT kits from a COVID testing site

Two men were arrested for attempting to steal 1400 RAT kits from a COVID testing site in Melbourne. Luckily, the kits are fine.

Over the weekend, a criminal duo was arrested for the attempted theft of 1400 rat kits from a COVID-19 testing site at Mooney Valley Racecourse in Melbourne, VIC.

Apparently, one of the accused bandits is actually a testing site employee… yikes.

Credit: Flavio Brancaleone

With many Aussies struggling to get their hands on a single RAT test due to critical nationwide shortages, and ridiculous price inflations of these coveted kits, this sort of behaviour is not funny at all.

When police arrived on the scene, they arrested a 23-year-old man from Lalor and a 19-year old testing site employee from Heidelberg Heights. Fortunately, all the kits were retrieved and are now back safely where they belong (phew).

While the 23-year-old was reportedly released pending further investigations, the 19-year old man has been criminally charged for the attempted theft and is set to appear at the Broadmeadows Magistrates’ Court on the 13th of July.

Credit: Getty

Now that these RAT test thieves have been caught red-handed, let’s hope it serves as a cautionary tale for anyone else who may be thinking of messing with the nation’s limited supply of these highly sought-after kits.