RATs are free for concession card holders as of today, if you can find them

COVID rapid antigen tests are now free for concession card holders but pharmacists are concerned they won’t have enough.

Earlier this month, Scott Morrison announced that concession cardholders could pick up tests from their local pharmacies.

This was of course after refusing to make RATs free for all Australians because that would be a little too helpful of old Scotty.

Credit: Jenny Evans/Getty Images

More than 6 million Aussies hold concession cards and will be allowed up to 10 free tests in a three month period.

As COVID case numbers rise and more people need to be tested for work and peace of mind, demand for RATs has surged and supplies are incredibly limited.

The president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Chris Freeman has said pharmacies have had to put on extra staff just to cope with COVID test related queries.

“They’re reporting that they’re receiving at least four calls per minute in relation to getting access to these rapid antigen tests,”

“The demand is extreme and pharmacists are being pushed to the limit with this at the moment.”

Of course, no one s surprised that when Scotty begrudgingly promised to help some Australian’s, he didn’t make it easy for anyone involved.