Melbourne set to host Australia’s first LGBTI wedding expo this weekend

Melbourne have gone and done it again…they’re basically the coolest city in the country at the moment. This weekend, Melbourne will be hosting Australia’s first ever LGBTI Wedding Expo.

LGBTI Wedding

In just a few days time, Australia’s first LGBTI wedding expo will be hosted in Melbourne.

Australia’s leading Expo company Inspired Expos has teamed up with Victoria’s biggest bridal expo company, Bridal Expos Australia, to to highlight the LGBTI’s lack of representation within the marriage industry. Let’s just hope the Government follows by example, and maybe reconsider those nonsensical same-sex marriage laws.

The expo will offer individuals LGBTI community to connect and celebrate. There will even be information supplied on family planning and adoption. Event managing director Tadas Adamavicius explained to Pedestrian.TV ““People in the LGBTI community attend traditional wedding fairs but leave disappointed because it’s catered only to heterosexual couples. We want to change that, to celebrate these couples’ love as legitimately as hetero couples celebrate theirs.”

The event will be taking place at the Melbourne Convention Centre from April 16-17. You can find all the details here.