Mersey – On A Lease

I’m suspicious that brand new Melbourne band Mersey waited until the coldest time of the year to unleash their warm and bouncy track On a Lease. If your heater is broken then I suggest surviving this winter off this sunny single – a substitute for those juicy UV rays that have been hiding and laughing at us all for the last few months.

mersey on a lease

Smashingly sunny new single from quirky, cheese eating Melbournites Mersey. Keep your ears out for these up-and comers!

Slightly optimistic, the dorky acoustic guitar chimes in at awkward times, a prophet of syncopation, creating a shaky sound which is similar to The Smiths. Underneath the smiling layers of the track a more sombre mood is breathed into the track, the spectre-thin reverb revealing a sad image of emptiness. Mersey speaks frankly of impermanence and instability; “there’s a house, it’s not a home.” There goes my desire to move out. Mersey smacks us with a harsh dose of reality and truth, as their chattering voices echo warnings throughout the track of how much of a bitch life can be.

The walking bass is equivalent to a welcome mat, inviting us into the bareness of the house and then sweeping us out of the door with booming vocals and a strong drum beat. If you type Mersey into Google you’ll be bombarded by house advertisements and it’ll be nearly impossible to find your way into the soul-searching sound that is Mersey.

Unless you’re looking for a new home, it’ll be the most annoying thing since people started using hash tags on Facebook. Guess that’s the price you have to pay when you discover a youthful band which hasn’t yet ripened, and by ripened I mean released more than one song. If you sensed any resentment in the last sentence, it was fueled only out of my impatience. The one unsatisfying thing for me personally is waiting for more of their music to be released. Instead of leading an angry protest we can all wait together.

Hit up their bandcamp below to help pass the time.



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