PREMIERE: Mikk’s newest single ‘You’re a fool’

Port Macquarie based artist /producer Mikk dropped a new single today: ‘You’re a Fool’. It’s the first track from an EP she’s working on.

‘You’re a fool’ is Mikk’s newest single about the rude people that she has encountered during her time working in hospitality! It would for sure be relatable to any and all young adults who’ve also worked in that industry and had to deal with idiots.

The track begins with a deep plucky and punchy surf-sounding bass that introduces the cheeky electric riff and pounding drums that comes back in the chorus. The song then softens through her smooth, hushed but articulated playful vocal tone and her call-and-response harmonies during the verse.

The call-and-response harmonies are these gorgeous ethereal echoes that complement the delicate and elegant melody.

The lyrics “You’re a little rushed but it’s everyone else’s problems just not yours” in the verse is this melodic, bouncy, upbeat line that sums up the inconsiderate people that hospitality workers have to deal with almost every day. 

The hook before the chorus is arranged to be such a warm and dreamy atmosphere for listeners. It slows down the pacing as she sings ‘‘according to your plans you were given gods right hand” before the ever so dreamy yet electric energetic chorus slides its way through.

It’s the song to play when you put on your skates, jump on your bike, go for a walk, when you need to let go of everything. The instruments blend so perfectly in this charming, cohesive way and it’s just hard not to feel at peace listening to it. 

Credit: Sean Dwyer

After the second verse strips itself back to this vulnerable state, the delicious chorus comes running back in. A faint and distant sound of a guitar solo follows before the songs starts to slow down to just a quiet soothing strumming guitar intimate moment as Mikk whispers soulfully. 

A small pause before that pounding drums comes in to bring back the chorus with that ever so addictive guitar riff and repeated lyrics ‘You’re a Fool’. 

Currently the track is available on a few different streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music

Catch Mikk tonight supporting Vanilla Gorilla and then she’s doing the FOTSUN festival on the 9th of December, where artists such as Peking Duck, Vera Blue, Cosmos Midnight, Alex the Astronaut, Pacific Avenue and The Dreggs will be playing. 

Brad Collins artwork
Credit: Brad Collins