Rob.V unleashes a funky, electro-pop banger for the soul on 'Forever Be Your One'

Rob.V unleashes a funky, electro-pop banger for the soul on ‘Forever Be Your One’

On his latest single, Rob.V ascends from songwriter to omnipresent creator. Forever Be Your One is his lovesong and its electropop majesty is his cornerstone.

Rob.V has served up the latest slice from his upcoming debut album and it’s one for the books.

Bursting with electropop flair, synth that scratches at your ears, and an irresistible bassline, Forever Be Your One is a funk masterpiece waiting to be unearthed.


Known for his groove-laden sonic and melodies that drip like honey, Rob.V continues to forge his electronic dreamscapes with passion and genius. His latest single is certainly no exception. Bursting with vision and textures that will transport you into the digital realm, Forever Be Your One is a love song for the modern dreamer.

“Essentially this track is a love song but not really in the human sense,” the artist writes. “It is however, symbolic of new relationships existing in a lockdown world. A fictional love song, from the perspective of the Moon, longing for a connection with the Earth but never able to touch. This track kicks off with a funky bassline and groove feel. Multi-layered vocal harmonies and synth arpeggio’s complete the dreamy atmosphere. As the song rounds out, a coming together of the verse and chorus parts merge as a symbol of unity.”


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Forever Be Your One is the third single from Rob.V’s upcoming album Illusions, set for release next month.

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