VERUM unleash a thrilling ode to surviving and embracing your 'SCARS'

VERUM unleash a thrilling ode to surviving against the odds and embracing your ‘SCARS’

Gold Coast rock-trio VERUM unleash SCARS: a track with all the drama and reverb of an emotive rock anthem.

There’s nothing quite like the roaring crescendo of a perfect rock song. One that strikes a chord in a visceral sense, transcending the elements of rock n’ roll and speaking to you directly. Yet few bands have had the ability to uphold both the raucous appeal of headbanging glory and the soulfulness of human connection. In fact, the only Aussie rock band coming to mind right this moment is the untouchable rapture of Dave Le’aupepe’s Gang of Youths… until now.

The meet-cute of high school band formation once again rings true. Kaden Perkinson, Logan Taylor, and Zane Gillespie of VERUM, formed in 2018 on the Gold Coast. Since jamming in garages, they have since made a name for themselves along the east coast, even selling out their first Sydney show. What’s particularly iconic about VERUM is their ability to lean into the psychological, and say something more than the average rock song might. SCARS is a cry into the void of darkness, conjuring the light.

Immediately, SCARS incites energy and electrocutes the space with fuzz and heavy-handed beats. It’s easy to forget that this wall of sound is only being produced by three sets of hands. Grimy but riff-able guitars charge forth before relaxing to a hum. Enter vocalist Kaden, a reliable narrator. His comforting baritone is velvety and soothing, which fools the listener into a false sense of calm.

Out from the purr of reverb, comes the unwavering scream of a lead vocalist with pure magnetism. Tilting SCARS into a second chapter of raspy punk-inspired thrill and drama. And there’s absolutely no going back. The hyper-literate chorus “I’ll be there to catch you when you fall” seems happily misplaced. Isn’t this where we stick the finger to the man, or ex-lover? And yet, it so beautifully captures the desperation of wanting to save and be saved by the one you love.

“The song was a message to her (Kade’s partner) to try and tell her (that) your past experiences and mistakes do not define you, they are a lesson to help you grow to become the person you are inside. I wanted the song to be a sentimental message yet motivate her to become someone she wants to be,” the band explain.


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If ever there’s song to incite motivation and inspire the ability to overcome, it’s SCARS. A dynamic and well-strung track, it very much feels like VERUM have used their powers for good over evil.

Watch this space for the accompanying visuals for this latest single. And if you’re lucky enough to be in New Lakes, Queensland this Friday, you can see them live at Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Company.

Enjoy the empowered rage of SCARS on Spotify below: