Miles Glyphers' Perfect Task is a stylish hip-hop masterpiece

PREMIERE: Miles Glyphers has dropped the music video, Perfect Task and it’s a lesson in stylish hip-hop mastery

Hip Hop artist, Miles Glyphers brings to us an articulate and eerily romantic track that is sure to accompany you well after it ends.


Aussie rap keeps getting better and Miles Glyphers is no exception. His video, Perfect Task is a masterful combination of mature beats and sensual imagery.

Using the cityscape as its backdrop, the latest video from Glyphers accompanying Perfect Task is a touch of clean cut and well produced hip hop, dripping from head to toe in soulful female echoes. Perfect Task is a testament to lustful desire and youthful chemistry, yet is punctuated with adult beats and honesty, setting Glyphers apart from fresh faced, juvenile hip hop and into a realm of artistic maturity.

Hearing the track alone is exceedingly satisfying, but the video is stylishly indicative of classic angst-fuelled rap and definitely plays into wide city back drops and audience interaction. The absence of harshness and dark themes places this one as adolescent yet inspiring and positive.

What is so utterly delicious about Perfect Task is the chorus vocal, complementing the sharp narrative of love, loss and desire, the haunting melody that carries the video all the way through is nothing short of sensual.

A self-conscious and fresh Glyphers brings forth something truly engrossing and visually captivating. The images are sharp and his tongue even more so, Perfect Task encapsulates the best in a hip hop music video, edgy and raw with softer visual and melodic tones.

The song builds from acoustic guitar picking and ethereal moods to reveal something almost symphonic, blending bold reverb and big notes with the detail of an effervescent nature. Although I can never relate to when the girls are called ‘shorty’ (being tall kind of cancels this option out from the start), by the end I pretty much felt like a badass mermaid.

Perfect Task is a realistic and honest pendulum, swinging between the deeply sexual and intense to the vulnerable and affectionate. This, to me, made the track believable and connective, the realities of lust and love are often intertwined and Glyphers morphs the two in such a way that his audience will undoubtedly relate.

Definitely one to watch and not one for the weights room, more so the smoothest accompaniment to a relaxing bath, loving gaze or blazed solo dance in your room. Miles Glyphers takes sultry vibrations to the streets with this overwhelming and bold compilation of poetic spoken word and lilted, haunting female features.

Keep an eye out for Miles as he begins to bring his boundary pushing rap to the live scene in 2016.