Mind-numbing slow-mo: This is what ‘Super Mario’ looks like at 380,000 fps

When it comes to videos of cool shit in super slow motion, the Youtube show The Slow Mo Guys is where it’s at.

The channel is dedicated entirely to filming ultra-fast things in HD using high-speed cinema cameras so they can be slowed way down in post-production.

Most of their subject matter is pretty intense – explosions, gunshots, flamethrowers and the like – but their latest video is a little different, and somehow way more interesting: they set out to investigate what a TV looks like as it renders an image…at 380,000 frames per second.

What’s even better is that they used Super Mario as the image.

Mario Super Slow Motion

YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys slowed ‘Super Mario’ down to 380,000 frame per second using a high-tech camera. This is what it looked like.

As Motherboard note, old cathode ray TVs render an image by actually drawing the entire frame from top to bottom at speeds so fast the human eye can’t see it happen. But the super-high tech cinema camera The Slow Mo Guys use can.

As they mention in the video, 380,000 frames per second is the highest that’s ever been shot for the channel, which includes videos of bullets being shot through propellers, underwater explosions, and glass being blown apart.

Slowed down this much, it’s as if the image is literally being created by beams of light as they are shot from the left of the screen to the right, slowly creating an image line by line. Watch it below.

[via Motherboard]