Mindless Crowd go deep on the genesis and creation of new single ‘Star Chaser’

Mindless Crowd reached for the skies earlier this month, dropping their celestial and dazzling latest single Star Chaser.

Capturing the essence of a feeling, the Swiss band tackled themes of loneliness and fantasy, as anchored by a psychedelic sonic palette that feels altogether weightless.

“It’s a feel-good song that wants to increase the energy of the listener,” the band said of Star Chaser in an interview with Happy Mag.

mindless crowd

Coasting on that spirit, the alt-indie four-piece bring the good vibes yet again, with a deep-dive into the origins of Star Chaser, its composition, and its role as “a source of motivation that pushes us further.” 

Catch Mindless Crowd’s full artist deep-dive below, and scroll down to listen to their new single Star Chaser. 

HAPPY: Tell us about your new single called Star Chaser

MINDLESS CROWD: Star Chaser is the first track released from our next album planned for 2024. The vibe changes quite a bit from our last EP and it sets the lead of the forthcoming  album. We like to define it as a feel good and motivational song.

HAPPY: What is the song about ?

MINDLESS CROWD: “Let it go and let your star be the guide.” Star Chaser is about seeking our own star, a source of motivation that pushes us further. The idea is to overcome the obstacles we build for ourselves in order to reach our goals and dreams.

mindless crowd

HAPPY: Tell us more about how you created the track, what does it mean to you ?

MINDLESS CROWD: Star Chaser has opened a door of wonder in our composition. The melody came to mind of the guitarist Alex during a night with a starry sky.

Quickly, all the band got caught by the song and the lead singer/guitarist Julien wrote down the lyrics that match perfectly with the mood and what we want to express with this song.

mindless crowd

Finally, the bassist Gaël and drummer Lucas gave the perfect energy and balance for the rhythm part. We want this music to carry the listener away and to make him look beyond our conventional world.

It’s an invitation for the listener to look up and join us through the unlimited possibilities that lie above. At the end of the day, we have worked a lot on this song and we’re really satisfied with the recording. 

As you can see, this song is special for us and we really hope this song touches you as well.