Mio is a silky smooth synth spectacular

Taking a leap into new musical projects can always be hit or miss. You can find it more of the same, or fear your losing the artist you once knew and loved. However, Mario Spate (BadCop) with Annie Siegman (Valkyries) have smashed it out of the ball park with their new project Mio.


BadCop and Annie Siegman combine their mammoth talents to form one of the most exciting electro duos of the year. Mio is a silky smooth electro collab!

The Mio project is an interesting mix of two artists from separate retrospective genres, and are coming together to make something of their own. The debut single from Mio was released a mere two weeks ago and is titled Back To You. It’s silky smooth, ambient, and topped perfectly with melodic vocal work from Swedish singer Erik Lindestad,what a combo. The match is easy to see when you dive into Lindestad’s solo work under name of The Land Below. Plenty of atmospheric electro-pop going on here. Annie’s work with Valkeries shows no signs of slowing down, and the duo continue to go from strength to strength. Just recently their Pozible campaign was successful in raising required funds for their upcoming film clip. We have no doubt these talented musicians won’t have any troubles working between two projects though.

Speaking of film clips, Mio have been busy in that department working with Closer Productions to bring visual life to their debut single. From the Mio teaser, we suspect more sun-drenched beach sides to match the dream pop number. In comparison to BadCop’s previous work , Back To You is quite the change of tune. You might remember his previous work like One Million, various remixes and of course breakthrough tracks with Tkay Maidza like Brotosaurus and Handle My Ego, all with a strong dubstep influence. However, the stripped back and simplistic composure of the dream pop debut is something this producer seems to do incredibly well. It will be interesting to see how the new project continues from here in terms of collaborations and sound, and one we watch with high anticipation.

The track received it’s debut with Dom Alessio on triple J’s Home & Hosed which is quite the impressive feat this early in the game. In saying that, Back To You is already raking in the plays, and gaining widespread attention online so we can only assume it will be onwards and upwards for this new project from the south. Live show soon? We hope so.