Missy’s new single Hate Me is a twisted exploration into co-dependent relationships

Missy’s new single Hate Me is the powerful follow up to the young artist’s debut, and presents a side to love that is all-consuming but also toxic.

“I want you to hate me.”

This isn’t the kind of phrase that we think we’d hear lovers say to each other, but it’s this destructive and obsessive type of love that Missy explores in her new single.

“Who needs love if you got us?” Missy explores a dark, obsessive side to love as she blends the classical and contemporary in new single, Hate Me.

Hailing from Dunedin, NZ, Missy is the nom de plume of Abigail Knudson, a classically-trained cellist and choral singer, and self-taught producer – she is definitely one artist you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Missy samples classical choral vocalists which she then melds with melancholic, Lana Del Rey-esque melodies and twisted lyrics that turn the idea of love on its head.

The videoclip for the song perfectly conveys this idea of destructive affection. Two female dancers lie on a bed. One minute they’re in perfect harmony, the next, one is trying to escape the other, but they both just end up staying tangled.

It goes on and on, like a cycle that never stops, while Knudson’s sweet voice floats in with lyrics like “I wanna make you cry,” and “I’m done with being nice” as she recalls her experiences of being in a co-dependent relationship.


Hate Me out now.