Mister Co. list the six songs they have on repeat (and why)

If you haven’t blessed your ears with the electro-pop revelry that is Mister Co., we implore you to do yourself a favour.

The husband duo — known onstage as Mister Co. — shared their most recent single, Better Lives, earlier this month, enlisting the vocals of Lia Magu for an 80s-inspired, synth-drenched ode to remaining motivated in the face of life’s obstacles. 

While Mister Co. — comprised of partners Connor and Oscar Absolum — deserve a spotlight all their own spotlight, they’re also indebted to the artists who came before them.

Mister Co. single 'Make You Feel Alright'
Credit: Press

That’s why they stopped by Happy Mag to run-through the six songs they currently have on repeat, from “funky masterpiece[s]” to tracks that “stick in your head for days.” 

Catch Mister Co.’s full heavy-rotation playlist below, and scroll down to listen to their new single Better Lives.

Oscar’s Songs —Look at Me – Allen Stone & Cory Wong 

I have always wanted these 2 artists to do a song together and they did and it’s sick, Allen on vocals adds so much soul to the performance and what Cory Wong has done with the arrangement just makes for a great listen there is always something new that you didn’t hear before every time you take a listen. Try to stay still while listening.

New Guru – Vulfpeck & Antwaun Stanley 

The groove is absolutely killer, love the message in the song, makes me want to get moving and do heaps of stuff. Antwaun’s vocals are just unreal, he never seems to disappoint no matter the song he is lending his vocal acrobatics to. It takes a lot to master the balance of a great song, and I believe they did it perfectly.

Oh Caroline – The 1975 

Heaps of people recommended listening to these guys and I never did but this was the first song that caught my ear when I was scrolling through their essentials on Spotify, it reminds me of an 80s classic with a modern twist. I love the feeling you get when listening to a song like this, it would fit the end of a great movie or the closing out of a big show.

Connor’s Songs — All Fired Up – Matt Corby

Matt Corby is one of my favourite homegrown artists and I have followed his musical journey from start to now. This song is by far my favourite out of his catalogue he has released so far. T

he vocal performance in this track makes you feel you are in the room with him, it’s so simple, gentle and incredibly captivating. The lyrics mixed with the arrangement creates a reflection piece we all can relate to, be prepared to have it stuck in your head for days.

Sweet Thing – Chaka Khan

By far one of my favourites and a song that I will always be listening to, in my eyes it is a funky masterpiece. It’s so smooth and Chaka Khan’s vocals leave me speechless every time, released in 1973 but yet it still stays relevant both musically and sonically. It is one of my favourite songs to drive home to and vibe with, the rhythm, the soul and the performance is just utter perfection.

Consider Me – Allen Stone

Allen Stone is by far one of the artists we both love and adore, and we have had the pleasure of seeing him live twice in Melbourne and let me tell you it is a concert you will never forget.

I truly believe he should be crowned the prince of modern soul. This ballad seems so personal and that translates through his incredible vocal performance.

It makes you think of that one special person who means the world to you, perfect for a first dance at a wedding.