Premiere: Mister Co. enlist Lia Magu for electrifying new single ‘Better Lives’

Mister Co. have enlisted Lia Magu for the new single Better Lives, a shimmering pop gem about the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Fusing electric-disco with synth-pop, the track opens with glistening synth keys and Magu’s ascendent vocals, as anchored by pulsating rhythms and bouncy production. 

Structured around call-and-response verses, Better Lives pairs Magu’s airy timbre with the husk of Mister Co. bandmate Connor Absolum — who forms one half of the duo alongside his husband, Oscar.

Mister Co. single 'Better Lives'

The result is a soundscape so textured you can almost feel it, with the catchy applause-like percussion only further enriching the multi-layered production. 

Perhaps the major drawcard of Better Lives is its synths. Spacey and seemingly pulled from an episode of Stranger Things, the synth sections provide a shimmering throughline that maintains the track’s upbeat momentum.

Later, the instrumentation reaches its catharsis, as Mister Co. combine the textures for an absolute belter of a final chorus. 

Mister Co. single 'Better Lives'

With any great electro-pop track, the key is in the bridge, which Mister Co. deliver in spades. Here, the production flairs crescendo as rhythms accelerate and Magu’s vocals reach fever pitch, all dissipating into an infinitely danceable outro.

While Better Things sits comfortably in the pop realm, there’s a smattering of more diverse sounds to be enjoyed. Eagle-eyed listeners might catch moments of spacious ambience, or the brief reference to Daft Punk with vocal distortions.

Mister Co. single 'Better Lives'

It’s wrapped up in the sheen of 80s electro, making for a consistently engaging listening experience. Lyrically, Better Lives offers motivational insights around “find[ing] the light” and “climb[ing] mountains,” managing to squeeze important messages about chasing one’s dreams within the confines of a pop song. 

Better Lives follows a string of singles to be released by Mister Co. this year. Alongside this most recent effort, the duo have shared Just You & I, Don’t Talk About Itand Make You Feel Alrightall of which are lifted from Mister Co.’s upcoming debut album On This Journey.

In the meantime, listen to Mister Co.’s new single Better Lives featuring Lia Magu below.